1. This document is the Policy followed by Incore Finace OÜ in the field of combating the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and financing of terrorism (AML). Any questions related to this policy, please send to: Incore Finace OÜ, Roosikrantsi 2, Tallin, Estonia.

2. The purpose of this Policy is the implementation of relevant legislation and regulations, as well as demonstrating that is serious about any attempts to use its services for illegal purposes.

3. Money laundering is a process where funds obtained from illegal sources are introduced into legal circulation. will not tolerate precedents when one of the customers will use the service provided to them for such purposes.

4. In the event that specialists suspect that one of the clients is using the service it provides for the laundering of illegal funds, the company reserves the right to block the account of that user, as well as all the funds stored on it until the end of the internal audit. also reserves the right to transmit this information to the police or any other monitoring authority without the knowledge of the user.

5. According to the existing standards of practice, the management of took the following measures:

5.1 Approved a post for reporting on suspicious activity related to money-laundering;

5.2 Established a risk-based approach to the assessment and management of financial risks in business related to money laundering;

5.3 Implemented and implemented a prudent risk-based approach to customers and identifies the individual, and verifies the users' addresses according to the principles of the "Know Your Customer" (KYC) system, which provides additional thorough checks of the "suspicious" counterparties that determines on your own.

5.4 Implemented and uses risk-based systems and methods to continuously monitor current client activity;

5.5 Adheres to a special procedure for the detection and reporting of suspicious activity.

6. can freeze the account of any user in the event that he / she is suspected / on suspicious activity, which may be related to money laundering.

7. Within the framework of this Policy (AML), any client who decides to use our service also agrees to provide us with identity documents, among which:

7.1 A copy of the passport or any ID;

7.2 Copy of the receipt for utility bills;

7.3 Evidence of a stable financial position issued by a bank or an accountant.

8. In case you need a copy of any of the above documents, you will need to notify the lawyer or notary before sending it, having stamped the appropriate attorney's or notary's office on it.

10. Copies of documents must be in color and in high resolution. We reserve the right not to accept documents that do not meet the above requirements.

11. According to the existing anti-money laundering practices, we reserve the right at any time to require the client additional documents or any other additional information necessary for identification of the individual.

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