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Impressed byt the rapid transformation of the crypto currency into the supranational currency of the future, the Incorex team decided to create a universal platform for exchanging and trading the two largest of them.

These crypto-currencies are characterized by completely new principles of security (in comparison with the usual money, including electronic ones) and the opportunities that they give people.

Teach, consult
& share experiences

Incorex is a modern service for access to the crypto-currency market. You are provided with a convenient, practical and profitable platform for working with crypto-currencies. As for beginners, and for experienced traders. Try it, and you will quickly appreciate the advantages of this system.

La simplicité
La sécurité
Le soutien
La connaissance
Notre équipe
Oleg Syvyniuk
Oleksii Stashkevych
Svetlana Dubova
Stanislav Syvyniuk
Sergii Galochkin
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